Brought to you by Jenna-Rose.

I started this organic tiny tea line, as I first saw a gap in the market for a good quality organic raspberry leaf tea. This is a tea that has helped women through pregnancy & labour as well as general women’s health for decades. I also wanted to start this small line because I am a huge tea lover and am hoping to connect with fellow tea lovers out there to create delicious products we can enjoy, talk about and spread the love we share.

Tea has so many benefits and for 1000s of years has been used in so many ways, whether it be for enjoyment or health, there is so much to learn and benefit from.

So this is me; I am a…
Lover of tea
Mermaid/Ocean lover
Photographer and creator
Lover of womens health and empowerment
Registered Nurse/Midwife

Ethical and organic tea company, with a strong focus on women’s health during all stages of life including pregnancy. We have a love for our environment and use all sustainable packaging, either biodegradable or 100% recyclable.